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New Survey from Gennev Reveals the Impact Menopause Has on Productivity in the Workplace

Gennev released a survey that examines how menopause impacts the workplace environment and the ability of employees to perform their jobs. 90% of women surveyed work full or part time and have menopause symptoms that negatively impact their productivity and interpersonal relationships at work.

Jill Angelo Named in Inc.’s Annual Female Founders 100 List

The entrepreneurs on Inc.'s third annual Female Founders 100 list have transformed every major industry in America.

Gennev Unveils First-of-Its-Kind Menopause Journey Map to Revolutionize Women’s Health in Midlife

50,000 women help Gennev create predictive care model for menopause using five distinct Menopause Types...

Gennev Brings Vital Supplements to Women in Menopause for Symptom Relief

New Vitality vitamin pack created for and by women to support common menopause symptoms of joint pain, fatigue, mood changes, and more...

Gennev Widens Telemedicine Range to Cover Primary Care for All Women

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Gennev expands its leading telemedicine platform for menopause to include Primary Care Practitioners to give women medical guidance from the safety of home..

Gennev’s New All-Inclusive Remote HealthFix Membership

In response to the need for more remote healthcare options, HealthFix offers on-demand access to OB/GYNs and Health Coaches for personalized menopause care with nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and prescription support...

Menopause Zeitgeist: Social Taboos and Surprising Gaps in Support

Largest-ever menopause survey shows women not getting needed support, significant impact on quality of life, and a thirst to normalize the discussion...