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CEO Thoughts: It feels good to celebrate women

Last updated on October 10, 2020
CEO Thoughts: It feels good to celebrate women

As a leader of a women’s health company, I rarely share my political views. Gennev is for all women, no matter your political views, your economic status, your skin color, your background, or your love for Grey’s Anatomy (just kidding…but I know that some of you still watch that show).

This week I'm celebrating Kamala Harris as former VP Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President!

As I scrolled through my social feeds and witnessed her face pasted everywhere with comments like, “hell yeah!” and “about time,” and “go Kamala,” my moment of anticipation had finally arrived. I was relieved. I wanted her.

Whether or not you agree with my position, seeing a woman in midlife bringing her wisdom to such a powerful position is a win for women! And in my view, our country.

We get places by lifting one another up, not tearing one another down.

Happy birthday to my mom who turned 75 today. I love her. Her optimism and happy attitude is the most infectious thing about her. Of all her life lessons, I live by her advice to “be curious about other people; ask them questions about their lives, and by doing so, you won’t have to worry about what you contribute to a conversation.”

I use that advice every day. I never have to worry about being interesting; I just need to be curious about the other person.

As women, we want to be heard. Weekly I meet with our Director of Health Coaching and our Chief Medical Officer. The consistent feedback I hear is that women just want to be heard. Our appointments run past the 15- or 30-minute allotments regularly, because there is a rich and meaningful conversation between patient and practitioner.

Tonight I went on a boat cruise with a dear friend of nearly 20 years. We’ve watched one another rise and fall in our careers, and we’ve been by one another’s side through it all. In our 40s and 50s, we both find ourselves leading companies in very early stages. Companies we started for the good to women. And the greatest lesson we’ve learned through the ups and downs is that we are more capable than we are aware of. Our confidence is starting to show itself, and it feels good. Very good.

And like Kamala, who is emerging at the height of an incredible career and life, we feel powerful.

So, whether you are a Kamala fan or simply a fan of seeing women rise to their potential, let’s celebrate one another. We do a lot. We are real. We’re beautiful. Sometimes we’re raw, but dammit, we mean well.

This weekend raise a glass or mug to being a woman and to the amazing women around you.

Peace out

Jill Angelo

Co-Founder and CEO, Gennev