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A Valentine's Day To Remember

Last updated on June 1, 2021
A Valentine's Day To Remember

Today I am attending my first-ever virtual wedding. It has been a long-time coming and I’m very excited for my friends.

There is something magical about celebrating people in their happiness and love. It’s a second marriage for them; and being on my second marriage, I know the profound joy (and gratefulness) one feels when they have been given a second chance.

Whether you are partnered up with someone or not, love happens in many ways. Kids, parents, siblings, friends, pets, adventures, art, food – whatever fills your soul and helps you feel a “connectedness” that brings you joy.

The pandemic has inspired new ways to fill our need to connect. I have regular zooms with my college friends; my aussie girlfriends; my Utah gang; my annual “week of creativity and relaxation” friends. I am so dang thankful for the relationships I have and how they’ve grown deeper in the wake of something that has sadly torn many families and friends apart.

I’m inspired by people like Jeanie Ralston of Next Tribe who keep reinventing reasons for women to connect, support one another, and have a roaring good time.

On February 23, 2021, Jeanie and team are holding their annual Out Loud event, A Celebration Of The Power And Creativity Of Women Over 45.

This is not just any zoom gathering of women. There will be music and dancing and celebrity speakers, including actress Fran Dresher; Maya Wiley, the former MSNBC legal analyst and current NYC mayoral candidate; fashion designer Norma Kamali; and Marta Kauffman, co-creator of Friends and Grace and Frankie; and full-disclosure, I'll be there too.

We think of Next Tribe as a sister community to Gennev, because we share a mission to celebrate women, improve your life and help you feel good about yourself.

As my Galentine's Day gift to you, I’d like to offer you a complimentary ticket for the event. Full disclosure, Gennev is a sponsor, but we do not profit from your attendance; in fact, I am purchasing the tickets to support Next Tribe’s mission.

I want you to feel connected to a sisterhood of confident women who want to have some fun. I'll be there, dancing.

If you would like a complimentary ticket and you will attend, email me at your first/last name and I will use it and your email to register you.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️