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From Gennev’s Co-Founder and CEO

A Valentine's Day To Remember

Whether you are partnered up with someone or not, love happens in many ways. Kids, parents, siblings, friends, pets, adventures, art, food – whatever fills your soul and helps you feel a “connectedness” that brings you joy.

It's Happening

What's happening? I share news about my personal move; and what hundreds of women are making happen.

CEO Thoughts: It feels good to celebrate women

"Seeing a woman in midlife bringing her wisdom to such a powerful position is a win for women! And in my view, our country. We get places by lifting one another up, not tearing one another down," says Gennev CEO Jill Angelo.

CEO Thoughts: My New Mission is to Solve the Sleep Problem

In our Menopause Assessment, 96% of women say that trouble sleeping is in their top 3 symptoms of menopause. Does it wreak havoc on your quality of life?

CEO Thoughts: Today was a tough day

"Raise your hand if you had an epically tough day this week. Mine was today and it was a sh*t show. What gets you through the tough stuff?" asks Gennev CEO Jill Angelo. "For me, it’s women in my life."

CEO Thoughts: Why don't I take better care of myself?

Why don't women get help when they're suffering? Gennev CEO Jill Angelo understands — she does it too — we're busy, we're embarrassed, we're not sure we're hurting "enough." She's committing to getting the help she needs and encouraging others to do the same.

CEO Thoughts: How Can 50,000 Women Make a Difference?

Today we’re celebrating a milestone. We have reached the milestone of 50,000 women having completed the Gennev Menopause Assessment.

CEO Thoughts: Is it too soon to have hope?

"Anytime you get in a place of vulnerability, you change. Our country is at a place of extreme vulnerability. But I have hope."

CEO Thoughts: The Business of Supporting Women

"We all want to feel comfortable inside and out; our companies focus on women feeling good about themselves; feeling like they can move; knowing that they are supported." Jill talks with CEO of Handful, Jennifer Ferguson.