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From Gennev’s Co-Founder and CEO

A Valentine's Day To Remember

Today I am attending my first-ever virtual wedding. It has been a long-time coming and I’m very excited for my friends. Whether you are partnered up with someone or not, love happens in many ways. Kids, parents, siblings, friends, pets, adventures, art, food – whatever fills your soul and helps you feel a “connectedness” that brings you joy.

It's Happening

What's happening? I share news about my personal move; and what hundreds of women are making happen.

CEO Thoughts: It feels good to celebrate women

"Seeing a woman in midlife bringing her wisdom to such a powerful position is a win for women! And in my view, our country. We get places by lifting one another up, not tearing one another down," says Gennev CEO Jill Angelo.

CEO Thoughts: My New Mission is to Solve the Sleep Problem

In our Menopause Assessment, 96% of women say that trouble sleeping is in their top 3 symptoms of menopause. Does it wreak havoc on your quality of life?

CEO Thoughts: Today was a tough day

"Raise your hand if you had an epically tough day this week. Mine was today and it was a sh*t show. What gets you through the tough stuff?" asks Gennev CEO Jill Angelo. "For me, it’s women in my life."

CEO Thoughts: Why don't I take better care of myself?

Why don't women get help when they're suffering? Gennev CEO Jill Angelo understands — she does it too — we're busy, we're embarrassed, we're not sure we're hurting "enough." She's committing to getting the help she needs and encouraging others to do the same.

CEO Thoughts: How Can 50,000 Women Make a Difference?

Today we’re celebrating a milestone. We have reached the milestone of 50,000 women having completed the Gennev Menopause Assessment.

CEO Thoughts: Is it too soon to have hope?

"Anytime you get in a place of vulnerability, you change. Our country is at a place of extreme vulnerability. But I have hope."

CEO Thoughts: The Business of Supporting Women

"We all want to feel comfortable inside and out; our companies focus on women feeling good about themselves; feeling like they can move; knowing that they are supported." Jill talks with CEO of Handful, Jennifer Ferguson.