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Why More Startups And VCs Are Finally Pursuing the Menopause Market: ‘$600B Is Not ‘Niche’’

Gennev is proud to be highlighted in this article in Crunchbase News with a quote from our fearless leader, Jill Angelo. The changing landscape of innovation funding in women's healthcare is a win for us all.

No Time to Pause

Gennev CEO and Founder Jill Angelo shares what corporate America needs to embrace about women’s health — particularly menopause — for the good of society and the bottom line.

The Menopause Whisperer: How Jill Angelo and Gennev Help Women Through the Transition

Gennev CEO, Jill Angelo dishes on the origin and progress Gennev has made over the last four years in Next Tribe, an online magazine for women in the prime of their lives.

Gennev is one of Boss Magazine's Magnificent Seven

"These fierce healthcare startups are adding imaginative new dimensions in healthcare," writes Anne-Frances Hutchinson for Boss Magazine. And Gennev is one of the Magnificent Seven!

Jill Angelo Named in Inc.’s Annual Female Founders 100 List

We are thrilled to see our CEO, Jill Angelo, recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the top female founders of 2020.

1.3 Million Women Enter Menopause Each Year. We Have to Stop Ignoring Them

Gennev's work is highlighted in a comprehensive article by Glamour about the changing perspectives on the once taboo topic of Menopause.

Menopause: The DTC Digital Health Up-and-comer

Gennev CEO, Jill Angelo, is quoted in this excellent write up on the current state of innovation in Menopause. Read below how entrepreneurs are innovating for the long overlooked life stage affecting nearly 1 billion consumers.

Well+Good: What Blue Zones Can Teach Us About Going Through Menopause Healthfully

Our own Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, was invited to contribute to this article on healthy aging and menopause.

Jill Angelo, June 2020 Power Womxn

To succeed we must take the pain and fear out of women's health. See Jill profiled in the launch of the Power Womxn series featuring womxn FemTech leaders and founders who are out to change the world!