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Why More Startups And VCs Are Finally Pursuing the Menopause Market: ‘$600B Is Not ‘Niche’’

Gennev is proud to be highlighted in this article in Crunchbase News with a quote from our fearless leader, Jill Angelo. The changing landscape of innovation funding in women's healthcare is a win for us all.

No Time to Pause

Gennev CEO and Founder Jill Angelo shares what corporate America needs to embrace about women’s health — particularly menopause — for the good of society and the bottom line.

The Menopause Whisperer: How Jill Angelo and Gennev Help Women Through the Transition

Gennev CEO, Jill Angelo dishes on the origin and progress Gennev has made over the last four years in Next Tribe, an online magazine for women in the prime of their lives.

Press releases

Jill Angelo Named in Inc.’s Annual Female Founders 100 List

The entrepreneurs on Inc.'s third annual Female Founders 100 list have transformed every major industry in America.

Gennev Unveils First-of-Its-Kind Menopause Journey Map to Revolutionize Women’s Health in Midlife

50,000 women help Gennev create predictive care model for menopause using five distinct Menopause Types...

Gennev Brings Vital Supplements to Women in Menopause for Symptom Relief

New Vitality vitamin pack created for and by women to support common menopause symptoms of joint pain, fatigue, mood changes, and more...

Jill’s corner

A Valentine's Day To Remember

Whether you are partnered up with someone or not, love happens in many ways. Kids, parents, siblings, friends, pets, adventures, art, food – whatever fills your soul and helps you feel a “connectedness” that brings you joy.

It's Happening

What's happening? I share news about my personal move; and what hundreds of women are making happen.

CEO Thoughts: It feels good to celebrate women

"Seeing a woman in midlife bringing her wisdom to such a powerful position is a win for women! And in my view, our country. We get places by lifting one another up, not tearing one another down," says Gennev CEO Jill Angelo.


THRIVE Brunch for World Menopause Day

Sunday Oct 18, 2020 World Menopause Day | Grab your morning beverage for Gennev’s THRIVE Brunch, a virtual celebration of women redefining what it means to thrive in the second half of life.