Big life transitions are easier with a team: from your first period, through babies, buying a house, moving through career changes, think about how many resources you had to make it easier. No one expected you to be the expert at everything or do it all on your own. Menopause is just another transition. It’s natural, it’s normal, it has its challenges and joys. The only difference is, those valuable and necessary resources just aren’t there. But now, there’s genneve.

 Our mission is to help women feel fabulous in their bodies - no matter their age.



Jill Angelo

Jill has 20+ years’ experience in tech companies including Microsoft, launching products that improve peoples’ lives. Being a health-nut and believing that there is a better way for women 40+ to manage their health, she is using technology to improve access to menopause health experts, data and education. An avid runner, snow skier and foodie, Jill lives in Seattle, WA with her husband.

Michael Atalla

Michael has 20+ years developing technology products for businesses and consumers. From startups to Microsoft, Michael has a passion for the customer and is proud to be developing a first-of-its-kind health solution like genneve. A triathlete, martial artist, aspiring chef and home automation nut, Michael lives with his wife and children just outside of Seattle.

Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, MD, MSCE

Dr. Rebecca’s expertise in women’s health began in residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Univ of Pennsylvania. Her experience as an OBGYN clinician educator and researcher at the Univ of Washington, clinical OB at Swedish Medical Center and licensed professional for the Mona Lisa Touch has fueled her pursuit of women’s health. She lives in Seattle with her husband and children and loves to travel.

Shannon Perry

Shannon has 20+ years combined writing, publishing and teaching in business and academia globally. Whether she’s interviewing a physician or producing a podcast, her appetite for research, facts and humor culminates in credible health information that women can rely on. Being an avid runner, cyclist, and climber, Shannon knows a thing or two about thriving in midlife and lives in Seattle with her cat, dog and boyfriend.