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Menopause and fatigue. It’s more than tired. It’s worse than being exhausted. Find out what causes it and how you can manage it until it goes the heck away.

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Banging, fluttering, racing, even skipping a beat – does your heart do any of these when you’re not exercising? We have one of our doctors go over how to stop hormonal heart palpitations.

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It may not be a common symptom, but for the women who experience nausea in menopause, it can be really disruptive. Find out what the possible triggers of menopausal nausea are and how to calm the upset.

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In perimenopause, periods can get heavier, lighter, more or less frequent, so what’s “normal”? Learn more about heavy periods during menopause and when to talk with your doc.

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If you’re at or approaching menopause, you may have noticed increased sweating and body odor changes. Here's what's happening, why, and what to do about it.

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Menopause belly fat: even women who generally put on weight in the hips and thighs may notice an abdominal gain in midlife. Here's why and what to do about it.

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You’ve heard of menopause hot flashes, but hormone change can also cause cold flashes. Read why some women get them and what to do when they strike.

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While your period will likely be a no-show at times during perimenopause, cramps may still be making an appearance. And for some, the pain may intensify or last longer than normal.

The causes of electric shock sensation in menopause

Electric shock sensations or ESS isn’t one of the more common symptoms of perimenopause, but it can be scary when you feel a zing of electricity shooting through you.