Woman with laptop with facial hair

The true sign of friendship may be letting your friend know when she’s sprouted an impressive new chin hair. Menopause facial hair can be coarser and darker. What to do? (If anything.)

The causes of electric shock sensation in menopause

Electric shock sensations or ESS isn’t one of the more common symptoms of perimenopause, but it can be scary when you feel a zing of electricity shooting through you.

Retaining Your Most Valuable Employees Through Menopause

In 2019, nearly 60 million working women in the U.S. were either approaching or in menopause. In their mid-40s and 50s, these are women in the prime of their careers. They’re employees who tend to be rich in experience and knowledge, making significant contributions, and ascending to or already in pivotal leadership roles. In other words, they’re the employees you’ve invested in and want to keep.

Menopause and Emotional Wellness: You Are Not Alone

What happens when women realize their stress, anxiety, and mood swings are different than they have ever experienced before, and in some cases may lead to rage and even panic? They may think they are alone in feeling this way, but connecting with other women in menopause who are experiencing the same emotions can help.

Woman hugging a pillow

Menopause and fatigue. It’s more than tired. It’s worse than being exhausted. Find out what causes it and how you can manage it until it goes the heck away.

Older woman looking off in the distance

Banging, fluttering, racing, even skipping a beat – does your heart do any of these when you’re not exercising? We'll share how to help manage heart palpitations, and when it's best to see your doctor.

Woman sitting on a chair and smiling

It may not be a common symptom, but for the women who experience nausea in menopause, it can be really disruptive. Find out what the possible triggers of menopausal nausea are and how to calm the upset.

group of women talking

In perimenopause, periods can get heavier, lighter, more or less frequent, so what’s “normal”? Learn more about heavy periods during menopause and when to talk with your doc.

Woman tying her hair

If you’re at or approaching menopause, you may have noticed increased sweating and body odor changes. Here's what's happening, why, and what to do about it.