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cutting back coffee helps reduce bladder inflammation incontinence

As I’m writing this, it’s St. Pat’s Day, and several friends on Facebook are passing around a recipe for Irish Coffee. There are a few problems with this, not least of which is it’s not even 8 AM – a […]

10 foods bulk aisle

The bulk section can be intimidating. I’m an avid cook, and sometimes even my head starts spinning when I head down the bulk aisle! There are so many choices, so many different varieties of grains, legumes, flours, etc. For cooks who are […]

get whiff menopause changes sweating body odor

[in the voice of Casey Kasem] Coming in at #19 on the list of “Weird stuff that happens at menopause” is….changes in sweating and body odor! Honestly, who knew hormones dictate so much of what goes on in our bodies?! […]

symptom of the month menopause headaches

Introducing our new series: symptom of the month (SOTM). While this may sound like a lot less fun than the wine or cheese of the month clubs, hormone changes at midlife are responsible for a surprisingly creative and festive array […]

menopause weight gain dont dread spread

So, you didn’t sleep so well last night, you’re feeling a little irritable today, lunch left you bloated, and you’re seriously eyeing the space under your desk for a little snooze. Want to hit the gym? Yeah, me neither. But […]

five supplements women menopause consider

There’s no replacement for a healthy diet. The best way to get the nutrients you need is through good food sources, including a rainbow of fresh fruits and veggies, seeds, nuts, legumes, and lean proteins, and the right amount of […]

heart attack women

February is heart health month, and because we love you and want you to be well, we’re going to ask you to sit down and read this. Really read this. Follow the links below to our sources for more information […]

three ways healthier heart part ii

Last week we discussed why women often don’t get diagnosed and treated for a heart attack quickly enough. In brief, Culturally, we still associate heart attacks with men, so we’re slower to understand and respond when a woman is having […]

incontinence is your exercise routine making it worse

Quick question: who suffers from urinary incontinence? If you said, “seniors and women who have had lots of babies,” you’re not wrong. But your answer is a little incomplete. In fact, one of the fastest-growing populations with this issue is […]

menopause 101 award winning obgyn answers menopause questions

In this podcast, Jill had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Angela Jones, award-winning ob/gyn, media professional, and author. She’s delivered thousands of babies and answered hundreds of thousands of questions on every aspect of her profession. From menses (first […]

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