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10 tips support someone through menopause

Menopause is rough, and not just on the person going through it. Check out our 10 tips to support a woman in menopause and keep your relationship intact.

when it comes to urination what is normal

How often do you urinate daily? Do you drink enough? Help protect yourself against future incontinence by knowing what’s normal and how to stay in range.

reduce sugar for better easier healthier menopause

Too much sugar is bad for our health, we know that. But surprise! The effects of sugar over-consumption are even worse for women in menopause. Read on.

prom night dealing menopause acne

Not again! Menopause can bring a recurrence of acne, especially on the jaw and chin. Learn how to manage midlife breakouts with the right lifestyle changes.

menopause hot flashes

From our awesome guest blogger, Anne Miano. Bonus! There’s also a Menopause Hot Flashes Part 2! But read this one first. I searched around for blog posts on menopause hot flashes, just to see what women were writing, and I […]

cutting back coffee helps reduce bladder inflammation incontinence

As I’m writing this, it’s St. Pat’s Day, and several friends on Facebook are passing around a recipe for Irish Coffee. There are a few problems with this, not least of which is it’s not even 8 AM – a […]

10 foods bulk aisle

The bulk section can be intimidating. I’m an avid cook, and sometimes even my head starts spinning when I head down the bulk aisle! There are so many choices, so many different varieties of grains, legumes, flours, etc. For cooks who are […]

get whiff menopause changes sweating body odor

[in the voice of Casey Kasem] Coming in at #19 on the list of “Weird stuff that happens at menopause” is….changes in sweating and body odor! Honestly, who knew hormones dictate so much of what goes on in our bodies?! […]

symptom of the month menopause headaches

Introducing our new series: symptom of the month (SOTM). While this may sound like a lot less fun than the wine or cheese of the month clubs, hormone changes at midlife are responsible for a surprisingly creative and festive array […]

menopause weight gain dont dread spread

So, you didn’t sleep so well last night, you’re feeling a little irritable today, lunch left you bloated, and you’re seriously eyeing the space under your desk for a little snooze. Want to hit the gym? Yeah, me neither. But […]

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