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5 ways self care brings back balance

Self-care is about nurturing and recharging yourself with the same kindness you provide to your loved ones. These five self-care tips can help you find balance in your life.

best herbs for female health with jovanka ciares

Just like every part of our bodies, we need to take care of our reproductive system. Wellness expert Jovanka Ciares shares her easy herbal tonic recipe.

jills time of the month the joys challenges of being a cvo

It’s been a busy time! Between talking to women, running a business, living what we preach (e.g. the Elvie challenge—more on that in a mo), and meeting with investors, well, maybe it’s not so surprising I went to the airport […]

twenty reasons love your 40s

I wish someone had told me in my 20s how strong, confident, sassy and sexy I would feel in my 40s! When I was in my 20s, I moved to New York City right after graduating from college. This small […]

whose vagina is it anyway

In her own words, guest blogger Anne Miano tells us about learning to be her own best health care advocate.    I got a call one evening last August from my physician’s assistant, who announced, “You need to get to […]

gut hormones digestion menopause solutions

Menopause can get you right in the gut. Literally. Digestion issues are one of the most common complaints for women in mid-life. Find relief here.

financial health month savvy shopping healthy minded

Sometimes it seems eating healthy has to be expensive. But for financial health month, our coach shares her tips for eating well on a budget.

yin yang you how chinese medicine can help balance a menopause body

Chinese medicine can help you bring your menopause body and spirit back into balance. Hear genneve’s podcast with an expert on how treatment can bring relief.

5 herbs to ease digestion

From the wellness expert who brought you “sleep hacks: herbs for sleeplessness and anxiety” comes another video packed to the eyeballs with healthy herbal goodness. This time, Jovanka is taking on another common menopausal symptom: digestive disruption. “Your digestion is […]

beat hormonal moody blues with endorphins

Endorphins are the body’s natural defense against the “moody blues.” Our health coach shares ways to ramp up endorphins and beat back the blues.

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