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midlife me time barbara mark

You’re a successful woman in midlife, but you find yourself asking, “Is this it?” Answer: no. Find the fulfillment you deserve! Hear our podcast with Dr. Barbara Mark.

juju hook primetime

When you think midlife, do you think vibrant and exciting? Or tired, overheated, and finished? Juju Hook is rebranding midlife to PrimeTime.

genneve health concierge

We don’t always go to the doc when we should, especially if the problem isn’t “serious enough” or we’re embarrassed. Discover genneve’s health concierge solution.

libeeration beer women menopause

Imagine a beer that not only tastes fantastic but that could also potentially soothe some of your menopause symptoms. It exists. And we couldn’t be happier.

managing restricted scars scar massage

Scars – even very old ones – can cause pain and restrict movement. Massaging restricted scars can help resolve pain and increase range of motion.

8 menopause donts

Make better lifestyle choices – avoid “menopause don’ts.” From condoms (yes) to bedside smart phones (no), 8 ways to make the menopause transition easier.

pelvic pain hormones birth control

Pelvic pain during sex? You might want to take another look at your birth control. We talked with Rachel Gelman, DPT, about the impacts of hormones on the pelvic area.

fascia chinese medicine

Fascia surrounds, wraps, and connects our internal parts like a giant sandwich bag. So if it’s hurting, you’re hurting. Chinese medicine treatments help. Find out more from our interview with acupuncturist Jennifer Mason.

pelvic floor health doctor

Your pelvic floor health impacts your quality of life, but as we age, those muscles can weaken. Physiotherapist Dr. Susie Gronski fills us in on how to stay healthy down there.

fertility planning egg freezing

Egg freezing is still a relatively new fertility planning option for women and couples wanting to delay pregnancy for a few years. We wanted to know more about this fascinating procedure that younger women are opting for to freeze their […]

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