Big life transitions are easier with a team: from your first period, through babies, buying a house, moving through career changes, think about how many resources you had to make it easier. No one expected you to be the expert at everything or do it all on your own.

Menopause is just another transition. It’s natural, it’s normal, it has its challenges and joys. The only difference is, those valuable and necessary resources just aren’t there.

But now, there’s genneve.

We are the place for connections with health professionals, healthy products, and forums for conversation with other women who've been where you are.



Jill Angelo, CEO & Founder

Former Microsoft Executive

Dr. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, MD, MSCE, Director of Health

OBGYN at Swedish Medical Center, Licensed Mona Lisa Touch Practitioner

Michael Atalla, Chief Technology Officer

Former Microsoft Product Leader

Shannon Perry, Director of Media & Marketing

Former global educator and published author


Dr Lucy

Dr. Lucy Puryear, MD

Ob/Gyn, Psychiatrist Texas Children's Women's Pavilion

dr beverly joyce

Dr. Beverly Joyce, MD

Chief of Ob/Gyn at Sequoia Hospital

Dr Lisa

Dr. Lisa Mosconi

Associate Director, Alzheimer's Neuroscientist Weill Cornell Medicine

Jacqui Brandwynne, former Neutrogena Executive, Former Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors

Jacqui Brandwynne

Former Neutrogena Executive, Board of Governors at Cedars-Sinai

Mich Mathews-Spradlin, former Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft

Mich Mathews

Former CMO Microsoft

Margaretta Colangelo, Deep Knowledge Ventures, Deep Knowledge Life Sciences

Margaretta Colangelo

AI Think-tank, Investor in Longevity & Blockchain, Deep Knowledge Ventures

dr andie rhyins

Andie Rhyins

Former Director of Marketing Rally Health (acquired by United Health Group)

Founding Members

Ally Svenson
Carol Lourie
Colleen Rasmussen
Crystal Hutter
Dawn Callahan

Deanna Byck
Deborah Wayne
Elizabeth Tinkham
Kathy Cochran
Keira Barr

Kristine Wilerson
Laurie AbiEzzi
Lisa Turner
Nancy Board
Nickie Smith

Ronette Lawrence
Sandra Murray
Sherry Bourzac
Sue Borgman
Victoria Labalme