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bra fit midlife breast change

Bodies change in midlife; our undergarments should too! If your bra size isn’t working for you anymore, a style expert teaches how to get a more comfortable, flattering fit.

prime women birth control menopause

For many women, perimenopause is a time of physical discomfort and unpredictability, which can really impact self-confidence. Can low-dose birth control help?

prime women cholesterol screenings

Ten years or so past menopause, a woman’s risk of heart disease equals a man’s. It’s a really good idea to know your numbers and your risk. Learn more about DIY cholesterol tests.

gray divorce relationships midlife marriage

“Gray divorces” account for 1 in 4 divorces in the US, and the number is rising. Why do mature couples split, and how can you protect your long-lasting love affair?

midlife menopause fun

Midlife for women can be a time of new interests, heightened curiosity, greater expression of creativity, and much more. Dr. Barbara Mark tells us how celebrate the transformation.

midlife me time barbara mark

You’re a successful woman in midlife, but you find yourself asking, “Is this it?” Answer: no. Find the fulfillment you deserve! Hear our podcast with Dr. Barbara Mark.

juju hook primetime

When you think midlife, do you think vibrant and exciting? Or tired, overheated, and finished? Juju Hook is rebranding midlife to PrimeTime.

genneve health concierge

We don’t always go to the doc when we should, especially if the problem isn’t “serious enough” or we’re embarrassed. Discover genneve’s health concierge solution.

libeeration beer women menopause

Imagine a beer that not only tastes fantastic but that could also potentially soothe some of your menopause symptoms. It exists. And we couldn’t be happier.

managing restricted scars scar massage

Scars – even very old ones – can cause pain and restrict movement. Massaging restricted scars can help resolve pain and increase range of motion.

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