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5 herbs to ease digestion

From the wellness expert who brought you “sleep hacks: herbs for sleeplessness and anxiety” comes another video packed to the eyeballs with healthy herbal goodness. This time, Jovanka is taking on another common menopausal symptom: digestive disruption. “Your digestion is […]

beat hormonal moody blues with endorphins

Endorphins are the body’s natural defense against the “moody blues.” Our health coach shares ways to ramp up endorphins and beat back the blues.

eating disorders in midlife and menopause

When you think of someone with an eating disorder, what does that person look like? If you’re like most of us, you think of eating disorders as happening primarily among young, white, thin women and girls. That misconception can be […]

sleep hacks herbs for sleeplessness anxiety

Poor sleep and anxiety are two issues we hear about frequently from women in menopause. Wellness expert Jovanka Ciares shares remedies for better rest.

menopause mood swings mindfulness meditation

“Mood swings” is just the wrong term for it, isn’t it? For many women, mood shifts at menopause are less like the slow, lazy, back-and-forth of a swing and more like the chaos of being a small ship on hurricane seas. Mindfulness meditation can help calm the storms.

menopause creativity one wild precious life

According to Margaret Mead, “There is no more powerful force in the universe than a menopausal woman with zest.” Why it’s important to embrace your creativity and live your life with zest.

reproductive endocrinologist dr lora shahine on fertility ivf and having hope

Dr. Lora Shahine talks with genneve about fertility, pregnancy loss, and the options women and couples have to start or complete their families.

why you need good sleep how to get it

Like good food, good sleep is vital to be nourished and healthy. If you’re going hungry, the downstream effects of poor sleep can be devastating. Read more.

hormones menopause and getting your midlife mojo back with dr anna garrett

The experience of menopause differs from woman to woman, but in our conversations with women, one thing seems nearly universal: the more information a woman has, the more in-control she feels over her body and her transition. The problem? Because […]

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